I work with a classical technique of a gobelin tapestry.The basic material used is wool, linen and cotton. I am a passionat weaver who believes that good things need time. I feel that the surface of the tapestry becomes more "alive" with hand-spun yarn, and there is no limitation of what shades of colour I am able to mix by having control over the whole process.
      Mainly I make use of fleece which I buy directly from sheep breeders. I treat fine untwisted woolen threads myself. I make small balls of yarn and dye them. Most often I make use of chemical dyes and their intensifiers to make the colour long-lasting and resistant against fading. In such a way I gain lots of shades and tints during the dyeing process. Afterwards I spin these different shades of threads together by obtaining the necessary colour tone for the work. Textile becomes picturesque and unique.
      With large works it is unbearably exiting to unroll the finished tapestry from the loom - months might have passed since I started weaving, mostly sideways in the loom, as compared to how it is meant to hang on the wall. My satisfaction is achieved if I can reach a spatial effect, a profundity in my work which emulates the presence of air, space or scent. My choice of themes is based on that reason. Almost exclusively there is something taken from nature wich finds reflection in my work. I often come to the conclusion that it is not we whoreflect nature, but rather nature reflects us - our moods, emotions of the moment, pain and joy.